Effective Learning Approach

The provision of hints through a step by step approach aids the learning process as students are able to learn the structured way of presenting their answers. The implementation of gold coins and rewards incentivise students to attempt the questions themselves and use as little hints as possible.

Video examples improve the effectiveness of learning as students are able to see, hear and therefore understand the entire process of tackling heuristic problem sums.

Minimal Workload

Students lead a busy life. In addition to regular school work, they have to juggle CCAs, tuition, enrichment classes and doing assessment books of various subjects. By focusing on just one concept and 3 questions a day, PSLEMath Online offers the ideal platform for students to practise a minimal yet sufficient number of problem sums to gradually master heuristic problem solving skills.

Activities Tracking & Progress Report

Being parents ourselves, we understand that parents lead a busy life too. PSLEMath implements a tracing system to collect data on students’ activities. A progress report is sent daily to parents, allowing the easy monitoring of a student’s effort and progress over a period of time. A customised revision programme is also recommended to ensure concepts are mastered before moving on to the next level of difficulty.