Systematic and Structure Approach

Questions are organised by types, enabling students to identify a pattern in solving heuristic questions.

Students are trained to tackle different types of heuristic problem sums systematically through a step by step approach presented in question hints and solutions. A series of video tutorials is also included for selected concepts, accessible in the Video Resources section.

Gradual and Comprehensive Learning Solution

Three questions a day ensure workload is kept to a minimal, yet sufficient for students to master heuristic problem solving skills.

One concept is scheduled daily, allowing students to cover the entire syllabus over the year.

Daily practice is provided for students to develop their problem solving skills on a consistent basis.

Critical Performance Tracking

All student activities are tracked and daily progress report are sent to parents providing an analysis of areas of weaknesses.

For Students, Parents and Tutors

Through the use of video examples and step by step hints, PSLEMath Online is able to assist teachers and tutors in imparting problem solving skills to students.